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The MODAN granulator GK-500 is designed for desiccating and granulating flexible materials ranging from the softest and hardest polyether foams to textiles, fibres, paper, rubber etc.

The machine operates with a sophisticated knife system that shreds the material to the desired size and subsequently transports it away from the machine by means of a blower.

The material is held in the feeder and fed gradually to the knives.

Once the material is fully between the knives it stays there until it has been cut so finely, that it passes through the holes of the perforated plates situated between the knife arms.

For granulation of compound materials, the TC300 pre-cutter is prescribed and is placed between the feeder section and the granulator.


Technical specifications

The MODAN granulator is built up of 3 rotating and 5 stationary knife plates that are interlocking and serrated. These 8 plates constitute a total knife length of 8 meters.
The 3 rotating and 5 stationary knives are identical. Each of these knife plates can be turned twice, each time revealing a fresh cutting edge. The knives require no sharpening.

A low cutting speed combined with the knife system ensures that the material is not heated up or damaged.

The sieve that controls the size of the shredded material is fitted as standard with 5-30 mm diameter holes. Mounting sieves with different hole sizes is easy.

Due to the lack of any significant friction created during operation, low power consumption is assured.

All motors are monitored by an advanced system, where the main motor and feeder motor are simultaneously controlled by load sensors.