MODAN separator SP 5/10 is designed as part of a transportsystem, where materials and transport air is separated.

As it can be seen from the diagram, the materials are blown into the end of the separator, directly between the arms of the celluar wheel. The rotation of the celluar wheel draws the material to the bottom of the separator where it is discharged freely and under no pressure.

The transport air leaves the top of the separator through the perforated plate and it can then go to a filter to remove dust.

It can also be returned to be reutilized in an isolated system.

The separator oprerates entirely without pulsation.



SP 5/750 - Airflow 6.000 m3/t - Pipe connections Ø 200 mm

SP 7,5/1000 - Airflow 12.000 m3/t - Pipe connections Ø 350 mm

SP 10/1200 - Airflow 25.000 m3/t - Pipe connections Ø 500 mm

Examples of utilization:

For separator at the top of the silo or for other machines to be filled with materials without pressure.