Recommendation of the equipment

Below you can read testimonials from real-life use of the Morten System® product range.

KLAUS & SERVANTS, february 11th, 2013

Klaus & Servants - one of the most busy bands in Denmark - have used Morten System® equipment for about a year. The reason: “Time and flexibility are essential to us when we are on Tour”.

“We have jobs in big concert halls, mid-sized ball rooms and hotels - in other words very different environments, and thus it is of outmost importance that we have a fast and flexible system when it comes to fastening the moving heads and LED spots etc to the trusses.”

“Earlier it took two to three people to fasten a moving head to a truss using conventional clamps and with the many different environments we often had to move an already fastened device to make the total setup nice and workable - using the Morten System one man only can do the job.”

“When we bought all our light- and stage equipment, we forgot to specify how we wanted to fasten the decives to the trusses - and if not for the Morten System it would take us at least twice the time we use now to set up or take down our equipment.”

“I can strongly recommend people working with setting up light or advertising to check out all the videos on the Morten System products here”.

“Take a good look at the presentation of a quick and easy solution to the problems one is facing handling light- and stage equipment”.

Klaus Strand Holm

Band manager, singer, composer, song writer, producer